I have more than 10 years old of experience in Software Developer. Studies Data Science at uninter.com university.

I’m co-founded the startup called Reviewr (reviewr.me), eligible as one of the most promises in Santa Catarina - Brazil, incubated at MIDITEC, the 5th best startups incubator in the world and accelerated by Darwin Startups.

I’m co-founded the Harmo startup (harmo.me), fusion by Reviewr & Gorila startups. I also do technology consulting for startups and companies.

My specialy is data extraction and processing. The project that I’m most proud of having accomplished was been built a fully serverless webscraping application (with a proxy layer), collecting and processing many reviews every day. I’m Running on top of AWS using basically Lambda, StepFunction, Elastic MapReduce (with Scala spark job), EKS + EC2 (to scheduler system) and API Gateway.

My main tech stacks is: Javascript (with Node.js), golang and scala, but I also have some experience with Python and PHP.

I’m also a serverless and golang enthusiast.

Everyday routine includes:


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